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How to improve magnetic attraction

The popular way to make magnetic force is by use of a yoke. Now we use a ferrite magnet with magnets at both the upper and lower sides as a magnet drawing pin (with plastic case), and explain in the drawing by following the steps to increase the magnetic force.

Example of improving magnetic attraction using a “yoke”

1: If installing only the magnet in a casing
Magnetic force lines go out from the N pole and into the S pole, but the magnetic force lines generate across a large area and radiate outwards, so the magnetic attraction is limited.
2: If the magnet is installed at one side of the yoke
The magnetic force goes out from the N pole concentrates at the yoke, and returns to the S pole through the yoke and a narrow space, so the attraction is greater than(1). But the N and S poles are in a short circuit status because the magnet is inclined to the yoke side at the point indicated by the wavy line, so the attraction is weaker than (3).
3: If the magnet is located at the center of the yoke
The magnetic force lines go out from the N pole return to S the pole with the ideal status through the yoke.
Since a short circuit between the N and S poles is not occurring, the optimum attraction force is obtained.

As steel retains residual magnetism at about 3 times more than a ferrite magnet, so the yoke can createmuch more magnetic flux even though it is thinner.
(*Refer to the drawing below)

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