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Isotropy Ferrite Magnet (Ba-Fe)

Outstanding cost performance!
Suitable for a variety of applications.

An Isotropy ferrite magnet has less magnetism than an anisotropy ferrite magnet.
But the Isotropy ferrite magnet is effective when evenly distributed magnetism in every direction is necessary because it has even level magnetism power in any direction, which is the opposite of an Anisotropy ferrite magnet that is effective when magnetism is necessary in a specific direction.
An Isotropy ferrite magnet is inexpensive, so it is suitable for a variety of applications in industry, education, miscellaneous goods, etc.


Round shape Ring shape Square shape
Isotropy Ferrite Magnet (Ba-Fe) Round Shape
Part No. External diameter*thickness (mm) Weight (g)
MF0003 8φ*4 1
MF0004 10φ*5 1.96
MF0005 10φ*10 3.93
MF0006 12φ*4 2.26
MF0007 15φ*3 2.65
MF0008 15φ*5 2.42
MF0009 20φ*4 6.28
MF0010 25φ*5 12.27
MF0011 30φ*5 17.66
Isotropy Ferrite Magnet (Ba-Fe) Ring Shape
Part No. External Diameter*Internal Diameter*Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
MF0302 15φ*10φ*5 2.46
MF0304 38φ*9φ*5.5 29.42
Isotropy Ferrite Magnet (Ba-Fe) Square Shape
Part No. External Diameter*Internal Diameter*Thickness(mm) Weight (g)
MF0502 13*8*4 2.08
MF0503 20*10*4(2.5φ) 4
MF0506 24*10*4 4.8
MF0507 25*16*4 8
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