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Anisotropy Ferrite Rubber Magnet

Achieve the best balance between strong magnetic characteristics and cost!
Suitable for various applications in industry and for miscellaneous goods!

Rubber magnets have the advantage that they can be processed more easily than sintered magnets because the material can be cut by scissors or punched by a metal mold, etc.
The price of an anisotropy ferrite magnet, which is made by mixing with a bonding material and arranging the force in one direction, is more reasonable compared to a Neodymium magnet.
The magnetic attraction of an Anisotropy ferrite magnet is stronger, so it is suitable for various applications from industrial to miscellaneous goods.

Magnetic Characteristics of an Anisotropy Ferrite Rubber Magnet

This value is the representative value, not the quality assurance value.

Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br) Coercivity (bHc) Coercivity (iHc) Maximum Energy Product (BH) max Magnetizing direction
2198~2460(G) 1943~2200(Oe) 2600~2880(Oe) 1.1~1.4(MGOe) One sided multi-pole

What is inside the()means the unit

Sold by full-size roll

This value is the representative value, not the quality assurance value.

Part No. Thickness*Width*Length (mm) Attraction (g/c㎡) Weight (g)
12ESC 0.4*520*20 27 15.20
12ESC 0.6*520*20 52 22.80
12ESC 0.8*520*10 72 15.20
12ESC 1.0*520*10 92 19.00
12ESC 1.5*520*10 112 29.60
12ESC 2.0*520*10 120 38.00
12ESC 3.0*520*5 146 28.50

What is inside the()means the unit

・We can cut to the size you want.
・We also can apply tape on the both sides and PP filming. Please consult us (additional charge).

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