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Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe)

A standard magnet suitable for a variety of applications!

A Ferrite magnet is made by powdering iron oxide, molding, and sintering. An anisotropy ferrite magnet has high magnetism in a specific direction. This type of magnet is inexpensive, so it is the most popular magnet and suitable for a variety of applications.


Round shape Ring shape Ring shaped non-standard product Square shape
Column type
Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe) Round Shape
Part No. External diameter*thickness(mm) Weight (g)
ME0001 6φ*2 0.28
ME0002 10φ*5 1.96
ME0003 15φ*8 7.07
ME0004 20φ*4 6.28
ME0005 20φ*6 9.42
ME0006 20φ*10 15.7
ME0007 30φ*5 17.66
ME0008 30φ*10 35.33
Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe) Ring Shape
Part No. External Diameter*Internal Diameter*Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
ME0301 12φ*5φ*4.0 1.87
ME0302 29φ*10φ3.5 10.18
ME0303 37φ*14φ*6 27.61
ME0304 45φ*22φ*8 48.39
ME0305 60φ*32φ*7 70.78
Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe) Ring Shape Non-Standard Product
Part No. External Diameter*Internal Diameter*Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
ME0313 13.5φ*5φ*2 1.23
ME0316 20φ*10φ*3 3.34
ME0317 25φ*8φ*6 13.21
ME0318 30φ*12φ*5 14.83
ME0319 32φ*8φ*5 18.84
ME0322 70φ*32φ*8 145.82
ME0323 80φ*40φ*12 226.08
ME0325 200φ*120φ*20 2009.6
Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe) Square Shape
Product code Dimensions (mm)(dimensions order) Magnetization direction Surface treatment Grade Surface Magnetic Flux Density Attraction
MEK0001 4x2.5x2 Vertical radius - - 110mT 0.03kgf
MEK0002 4x4x2 Vertical radius - - 104mT 0.04kgf
MEK0003 8x8x7(2.5φ) Vertical radius - - 148mT 0.26kgf
MEK0004 9x5x3 Vertical radius - - 110mT 0.1kgf
MEK0005 9.4x9.4x4 Vertical radius - - 109mT 0.19kgf
MEK0006 10x6x2 Vertical radius - - 77mT 0.1kgf
MEK0007 10.7x8.7x3.5 Vertical radius - - 99mT 0.19kgf
MEK0008 11x6x3.1 Vertical radius - - 103mT 0.14kgf
MEK0009 13x8x6 Vertical radius - - 134mT 0.32kgf
MEK0010 13.5x5.5x2 Vertical radius - - 77mT 0.14kgf
MEK0011 13.5x8.9x4 Vertical radius - - 102mT 0.25kgf
MEK0012 14x10x4 Vertical radius - - 97mT 0.28kgf
MEK0013 15x13x5 Vertical radius - - 102mT 0.39kgf
MEK0014 15x15x5 Vertical radius - - 97mT 0.44kgf
MEK0015 15x15x8 Vertical radius - - 130mT 0.62kgf
MEK0016 16x12x2 Vertical radius - - 48mT 0.18kgf
MEK0017 18x6x3 Vertical radius - - 97mT 0.26kgf
MEK0018 18x6x3.5 Vertical radius - - 107mT 0.27kgf
MEK0019 18.5x10x4 Vertical radius - - 92mT 0.37kgf
MEK0020 19.5x6x3 Vertical radius - - 96mT 0.28kgf
MEK0021 20x8x7 Vertical radius - - 137mT 0.5kgf
MEK0022 19.7x10x4(φ1) Vertical radius - - 91mT 0.4kgf
MEK0023 20x12x3 Vertical radius - - 65mT 0.34kgf
MEK0024 20x13x3.8 Vertical radius - - 76mT 0.43kgf
MEK0025 20x15x7 Vertical radius - - 114mT 0.64kgf
MEK0026 20x20x10 Vertical radius - - 130mT 1.04kgf
MEK0027 23.5x10x3 Vertical radius - - 71mT 0.39kgf
MEK0028 24x8.2x4 Vertical radius - - 99mT 0.47kgf
MEK0029 24x10x4 Vertical radius - - 89mT 0.5kgf
MEK0030 25x8x5 Vertical radius - - 114mT 0.51kgf
MEK0031 25x15x7 Vertical radius - - 109mT 0.81kgf
MEK0032 25x16x4.7 Vertical radius - - 78mT 0.67kgf
MEK0033 25x19x4 Vertical radius - - 62mT 0.61kgf
MEK0034 25x19x4.5(φ5) Vertical radius - - 68mT 0.68kgf
MEK0035 30x30x10 Vertical radius - - 100mT 1.81kgf
Anisotropy Ferrite Magnet (Sr-Fe) Column type
Product code Dimensions (mm)(dimensions order) Magnetization direction Surface treatment Grade Surface Magnetic Flux Density Attraction
MET0001 φ6x2 Vertical radius - - 92mT 0.05kgf
MET0002 φ10x5 Vertical radius - - 126mT 0.22kgf
MET0003 φ15x8 Vertical radius - - 137mT 0.55kgf
MET0004 φ20x4 Vertical radius - - 71mT 0.46kgf
MET0005 φ20x6 Vertical radius - - 99mT 0.61kgf
MET0006 φ20x10 Vertical radius - - 137mT 0.91kgf
MET0007 φ30x5 Vertical radius - - 61mT 0.89kgf
MET0008 φ30x10 Vertical radius - - 108mT 1.45kgf
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