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Electromagnetic Absorber

Ideal for anti-noise measurement for all electronic equipment!

“CI Sorb”, the electromagnetic absorber, is a total magnetic sheet made of a binder such as rubber and resin, and magnetic powder.
We have 4 series to provide materials ideal for various applications.
CNEX Anti-noise sheet. High magnetic permeability type.
SS The magnetic powder is high magnetic permeability metal powder. High performance type.
FN RFID Magnetic sheet
AEM The magnetic powder is specified for the GHz band such as carbonyliron and ferrite (We have qualities suitable for wireless LAN, ETC, radar, and satellite broadcasting). It is a high performance electromagnetic absorbing sheet that is made by mixing carbon steel (AEM) with magnetic powder and a binder such as rubber and resin.


High electromagnetic absorbing ability
Halogen-free specification*
Easily processed because of its flexibility
Acquired UL94 V-O.*
Non-vulcanization specification, so that material recycling is possible. *
(*: Not suitable for some products).


Anti-noise measure for all electronic equipment, mobile communication equipment, radio equipment (BS, CS, tuners), OA equipment (projector, FAX, printer), PC (laptop, CD/DVD), TET/LCD, digital switching equipment, digital camera, game equipment, etc.

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